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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm still here.

Nope, I havn't expired. I am still alive. Just busy with the big move. Whenever that happens. Well, when the house sells. It saddens me that people aren't as enamoured with the house as I was. I am very sad to leave it as I like it very much. Meanwhile, I am still living in limbo. Half my crafting stuff is in Calgary.

I did manage to get some art done for Tammy's ATC/Twinchie/Inchie swap on SCS. Here is what I submitted.

And to appease some of you, here are some beautiful pictures taken earlier this year-the top picture of Crescent Falls- a lovely gorge with some awesome falls, I am told. I only saw it in the winter and I look forward to taking a picnic lunch there in the summer. The middle one was taken on the way back from Bighorn or Kiska Waptan, which is in the Rockies. The third picture is taken just a ways away from the Rafters Six Ranch, just outside Kannanaskis. There are still some other lovely views I've yet to share- and I do look forward to doing that sometime in the future.

I know, I am sooo blessed to work in such beautiful surroundings. The only downside is the weather can be unpredictable and dangerous.

I was trolling my pictures file and noticed I have in inordinate number of dog pictures there. Next post, I shall include my favourite doggie. He is very expressive. And maybe I'll also have more art as well. (I can hope my muse will visit).


Honour said...

who, who, who is your muse? :)

Donelda said...

I was so excited to see a comment from you...means you are alive and well :-) Sorry you can't get your house sold...sending good thoughts for you! Glad you like the inchies...I might join...but 100...that's a LOT of inchies :D

I love your inchies, especially the characters behind!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenery - and I LOVE your inchies!!!!

Anonymous said...

Diane, I LOVE your inchies! You are so very creative :)
The scenery photos are beautiful too!

TattingChic said...

Hi! I came on over to say hello and thank you for entering my blog giveaway today! :)