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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Altered puzzle pieces

I felt bad, holding up this wonderful swap with my swap buddies. The wait was definitely worthwhile. Kimmie suggested this swap to use about 3 months ago. She bought the puzzle blanks and numbered them all. We picked our colour themes. Mine was marmalade and oranges. It was a vintage swap. Everyone did lovely work, did they not? My picture does not do this justice. The puzzle pieces are luminous and beautiful.

Here's a closer view of the gorgeous work done by my very talented friends.

L to R, top:
Nancy, Dena and Me

L to R, bottom:
Deb Moon, Phyllis, and Capt. Tammy

L to R, top: Jan D , Kimmie and Mrs Noofy

L to R, bottom: Loretta, Me and Lolita Sue

Isn't this fantastic? The attention to detail is amazing. Kimmie had a little rusted heart tied to the saddle fo the cowboy. Deb and a tiny little antique boot button. Mrs noofy has lovely vintage buttons as well. I am going to mount them separately as they are too lovely to place next to one another.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pictures from the new nest

The new furniture. View of the living room.

Looking out the front picture window.

The back yard from the patio. The weeping birch may be able to hold a hammock. I am going to investigate closer.