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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The in between world.....

Liminal. Thats how I've felt the last two months. In between. On the verge. In the doorway. I had hinted to some that my life is in upheaval. An opportunity presented itself to me awhile ago decided that I would like to move back to Calgary. The time was right and although this was not a climb up the ladder move but more of a lateral move, it was a big step for me. I have enjoyed the city of Edmonton. I love the life I managed to carve out for myself here, with friends I like and a lovely home. So when I got the go ahead from the powers that be, I was happy but apprehensive since this would entail moving. So for the last month in a half, I had been frantically packing and decluttering my place to prepare it for sale. All my art stuff got packed away, save some christmas stamps and so I am desperately missing my crafting time. Things were given away, donated or sold. Furniture promised to strangers and friends.

It's been almost a month since my house went on the market. I did have some looky Lous but no nibbles. I am tired of living this way. I have been trying to keep the house in a presentable state so I have refrained from cooking (so I didn't have to clean up after). With me travelling back and forth but not really having a permanent place to call home since I am already mentally letting go of my current home, this has been hard. I have even started to look for a new place in Calgary. Every breathe I take in my current home beings me closer to goodbye and I know I will miss the spaciousness of this space. Especially given what I can afford in Calgary. I do not know how I am going to downsize. It will be a challenge. But first, may I ask you to say a little prayer for me so my place sells? I don't want to back in three months whining about the same thing.

Because of the frequent travelling, and uncertainty, I am feeling somewhat anchorless. And I miss the grounding my art affords me. So the next time you sit down to craft, whether it be a story, an inchie or some cards, or knitting, or quilting, please savour the moment for me, and for others that cannot do it for one reason or another.

Here are some pictures from my new workstation. Please don't be too envious of me since the roads to and from the mountains are sometimes treacherous and slick.The bottom one is from my desk. The top one is from out in Morley, where we were out doing some outside work. I think I am blessed to work in such beautiful surroundings.
They were taken two weeks ago. The mountains and the meadows are covered in snow now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Diane, I love the view you have. I couldn't live without mountains :) I sure don't envy the drive tho.
Saying a prayer too, for the quick sale of your Edmonton home. It is so beautiful tho....and like you say, spacious!
Have you looked at any new places to live?

Honour said...

you ARE blessed, sister.

If you really want, you can keep some art supplies at my place, and then you can come and mess up to your heart's content.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back online!!!You have a great view - at least you are not in a windowless cubicle - you can daydream with this view!!!Fingers crossed that you sell your house soon...............

Kimmie said...

You have a lovely view!
I do hope that your house sells quickly .... that limbo you describe is very trying.
Merry Christmas and a very special NEW Year to you!

Jan said...

Many prayers have gone out and will continue for sell, for creative time and for peace! I also pray for you to find a space that will become yours and you. Although your limbo is presently uncomfortable, let it flow through and behind you so that settling will hopefully feel even better and more satisfying. Embrace your new adventure; it is what it is.