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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer doings

I know it has been ages since I posted. Call me lazy. I have not been paper crafting much lately. My obsession with quilting has deepened and I recently bought a new sewing machine so that I can free motion quilt.  I am not convinced I like it any more than the old machine, which incidentally isn't all that old to begin with. The new machine, a Husqvarna Sapphine 835 does seem to have lovely features like needle down and up as well as the reverse button so I can sew forwards and backwards with a touch of the button but more importantly, I can free motion quilt (FMQ) with ease since it has a FMQ setting which the old machine did not.

So, I am finally done hand quilting the Pink Quilt. I was lucky enough to have a lovely spot to take my pictures- was out by Millarville at a friend's place and she had a lovely yard with a rail fence.

The handstitching was a long haul process. Am so glad I know can FMQ from now on.

I had also put together another quilt using some oriental fabrics squares I had picked up from Pat Borecky. I need to find the lady and buy many more since I am in love with the quilt and want to make another one to keep for myself.

The other quilt is a baby quilt I but together using Tim and Beck's Bungle Jungle charm pack. I did it to practice my FMQ and alls I have to say is I surely need the practice!

My mistake was quilting so closely and so the quilt is somewhat stiff. Maybe it would have been better if I had used a fleece backing but I only wanted to add one variable at a time to my FMQ journey. I want to set myself up for success since I wasn't having much luck with FMQ, even on the new machine.

 One step at a time, right?
Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.


Susie Dally said...

Go on! I got a Sapphire last year! Your quilts are gorgeous!

Norhani Abdul Rahman said...

Your quilts are truly gorgeous! so proud to own one now..hehe. I was also wondering how and where u bought the materials (those oriental designs are beautiful!)

Diane aka cameldiva said...

I bought the materials from a woman named pat Borecky who has a sewing business called Sew Much More (you can google her). She was selling 6 inch oriental squares on kijiji. I sent her an email to see if she still has them and am going to buy more from her.