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Saturday, October 30, 2010

To end it all or not.....

I have been debating if or not I would like to keep up with blogging since my posts are so inconsistent and few and far between.Creatively, I have been parched. It's not as if I am not doing anything but my papercrafting has tapered off as I explore quilting. And I discovered I am not all that good at quilting either. learning proper 1/4 inch seams are vital. I seem to have a problem with them (ie they aren't true 1/4 inch) and that seems to compound then you are doing patchwork.

I have been diligently working on a quilt using the Chinese Takeout line. Initially, I wasn't crazy about it, but after I put on a turquoise border and the lovely chocolate binding, I am in lurve with it. The backing is a salvage from some material I picked up at a fabric sale last year and it is just fishes on a cream background. It is ancient and badly needs washing, which I fully plan to do after I finish quilting. It smells a bit mothbally.

Can you see where I havn't yet finished quilting? I am quilting the white squares.

I am getting more and more attached to the quilt and maybe planning to give it to my mum so I can have it remain in my life still :)

I have also been working on a couple of Hopscotch quilts- the pattern I picked up from a quilt show earlier this fall- from the Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It's a great pattern since it uses 12 fat quarters and a metre of fabric for the border and the binding.

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Believe it or not, these are both the same pattern. Isn't it amazing how different they look just because of the fabrics chosen? I have also seen a cream variation of this quilt and it is simply gorgeous and I may attempt it sometime in the future. The green quilt has a border on it and it is essentially ready to be quilted (ie attached to some batting and a quilt backing and be actually quilted.I have been attempting handquilting since I havn't been all that successful at machine quilting. Something about stitch length and other issues I need to figure out so that the quilt doesn't pucker. Obviously, there is still much to learn.)

Well, I am off the the quilt store in search of more fabric. I need to get a matching border fabric for the bright quilt.


Nancy said...

Oh my goodness you have been really busy :)
I love the 'bright' quilt, such vibrant colours!
Please don't quit blogging! I always check in--with hopes of a new post :)
Sometimes it just seems hard to keep up because you have to get everything ready and take pictures--but it is so nice to share your passions on a blog, it's inspiring for others :)

Susie Dally said...

I cannot believe how different each quilt you quilting is as lovely as your cardmaking.

Deb Moon said...

I really admire your passion for quilting. Your quilts are beautiful!