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Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm baack!

So, lots happened since my last entry. Looks like summer is finally here. It was 29oC yesterday. If I doubted the warm weather, my garden is proof it is warm. I cut the grass last week and it is already looking long and scraggly right now. The dandelions have only just started coming up so all is not yet yellow in the Dandelion Patch.

This is a Zentangle. You start with an image and you doodle freehand and decorate it. or you can do words. Its meant as an art therapy. Very cool stuff :)

I was away for a couple of weeks. I went to Niagara Falls for a conference. It is truly a marvel of nature and everyone should visit the Falls. Preferably when it is not the height of tourist season, though! I was there just before it got crazy. I even had a view of the falls from my room- and I never ceased to marvel at the waterfalls.

I also took a week to visit some relatives living out in St Thomas. No, not in the Caribbean- the one by London, Ontario
I really missed home and was so glad to be in my own bed, on my own schedule, with my own car.

So, I've been crazy busy trying to get some art time in because its down to crunch time. Deadlines looming for some swaps I signed up eons ago. Being away for two weeks didn't help at all.

Feast your eyes on these inchies. They are for Dena's 50 inchie swap. They all had to be different. I am used to making at least 10 inchies each time I make them so this was challenging (translated, my puny, lazy brain almost overloaded at the thought of having to make 50 different inchies). My favourites are:
the Dodo with the caption "Goin' My Way?" , the smoking nun with the caption "vices keep me human", the Inchie with Phyllis and a crown with caption "Inchie Queen", and "you too, could have this life if you wear Eddie Bauer".
Sure, I think I'm funny :) Phyllis is truly the inchie queen- she does an awesome job and I am honoured to know her. Another special mention is the"Who am I?" inchie with a burka- I had so much fun making that inchie since it would be hard to guess whom this person is.


Honour said...

I like the Zentangle! No dandelion tea this summer?

Jan said...

These inchies are wonderful.